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HRES PTO wishes to spotlight the great things that HRES parents/guardians are doing at the school and in the community.  In order to be featured any product, service, or information provided must be in compliance with all Cabarrus County School guidelines.  Please be advised that HRES PTO does not endorse any particular item or idea, but merely provides a forum for HRES parents/  guardians to share information.  To be considered for the spotlight, please email no later than the 15th of each month.

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Dear Cowboy Families, ​
Please take a moment to read about Kendall,
a brave Cowboy who is battling a rare disease known as Leigh Syndrome

Kendall's Diagnosis:

Kendall is diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome, (specifically mitochondrial DNA-associated Leigh

Syndrome, m.3688G>A) which is a rare and potentially devastating mitochondrial disorder affecting 1 in about 100,000 children. Leigh Syndrome is a progressive neurodegenerative metabolic disorder that affects the central nervous system. Affected children often experience vomiting, seizures, delayed development, muscle weakness, and problems with movement and breathing. To date, mutations in

over 60 genes, both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA encoded, have been shown to cause Leigh

Syndrome. Kendall has a de novo "new" mutated gene in her mitochondrial DNA (m.3688G>A) that manifested symptoms in 2016, when she was around two and a half years old. Prior to that time, Kendall was healthy and reaching all milestones, so it was devastating for us to see the regression and learn that this mitochondrial disease could possibly take her abilities to walk, talk, and swallow. But Kendall is a tough and determined girl who continues to motivate us in our race towards a cure.

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